Happy Birthday

Wishing our beloved Epiphany a very happy Birthday today from all at the Burlesque Cabaret & Social Club. 

Azaria Starfire


Trouble maker, heart breaker & earth shaker.

Azaria Starfire @ the Burlesque Cabaret & Social Club


Azaria Starfire is bold, charming, and a whole lot of fun.
Loving nothing more than shaking off the real world and dipping in to the mythical, magical and fantastical,
her adventures on stage are an expression of all that is good, joyous and wild.

Sometimes sticky, mostly messy and effervescent every time, Azaria Starfire will leave her mark,
one way or another.

Named Miss Burlesque Adelaide, & Miss Fantastic in 2012, she was honoured to be awarded ‘The Heart of Burlesque’ at Dublin’s Burlesque Festival in 2014.

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Act Announcement Fabio / Lycan

Fabio Ego Deflato

The winner of Best Overall Act 2015, at the Dublin Burlesque Festival and of the Belfast Crown 2015, Fabio Ego Deflato began performing Burlesque in 2010. Our hapless hero brought his hopeless romanticism to all four corners of Ireland. In 2012 the beast was unleashed with Fabio’s alter-ego Lykan Animal who raunched his way across Irish stages with a blend of dark humour and cock-rock.

Fabio lycan at BCSC

Fabio’s talents were acknowledged in 2012 with the Heart of Burlesque, at the Dublin Burlesque Festival, an award which goes to those who have made an outstanding contribution to Irish burlesque.

Fabio ran away with the circus in 2012 and began performing Aerial as part of Ether Productions. He performs on rope, trapeze and hoop and has created critically and commercialy successful circus shows as well as blending his aerial and comedy skills in burlesque shows!

Fabio Ego Deflato:

The hapless hero Fabio Ego Deflato. A danger to no one but himself – or his he?

Lykan Animal:

Lykan Animal, a sexy beast who’s been unleashed, with no consideration for your weak hearts or wet seats!

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Kat MoiselleKat at the burlesque Cabaret and social club

Since winning ‘Best Newcomer’ in the Dublin Burlesque Festival 2012, she has graced stages all over Ireland and abroad. She was awarded the title of the first ever Miss Burlesque Ireland in 2014.
Dazzling with her unique mix of humour and glamour, Kat brings high energy and buckets of sparkles to any event. On stage she is either scandalous, quirky, shy, energetic, dazzling, funny, sexy or all of the above… But she is always herself.

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Win a bottle of bubbles

Would you like a bottle of bubbles?

Everyone who buys tickets to the BCSC April 28th show BEFORE the 16th April will go into a draw for a bottle on the night!

Our Host for the Night

The legendary Mr. Phil T Gorgeous.

Mr. Phil T Gorgeous at the BCSC

Drag king, gender illusionist, male impersonator, weirdo…. call him what
you want but there’s no doubt that whatever he is, Phil T. Gorgeous is ALL man……. well….. mostly. He first swaggered across the stage in early 2004 introducing unsuspecting audiences to his own brand of drag performance and whether entertaining in the intimate
surroundings of a cozy cafe, or hosting to tens of thousands at Pride events, Phil has been happily raising eyebrows both nationally and internationally ever since. Nowadays, he’s a familiar face in several hot spots around Dublin and can be found hosting
and performing in a wide variety of the country’s most notable cabaret shows. In addition to being the resident host of the decadent “Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club” in the Sugar Club, Phil has also co-produced, performed in and hosted his own ventures,
the “Strand Street Cabaret” and “Circus Royale” as well as being no stranger to the stage at The George bar where he can be found performing twice a week alongside Dublin’s top drag queen divas. On or off the mic, Phil makes it his goal to ensure that by the
end of the night you’re as gender-confused as he is!

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Welcome to The Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club family site


A must for lovers of burlesque, cabaret, vaudeville and all things vintage.

We attract the cream of the Irish Burlesque and Cabaret scene as well as international acts to tease and tantalise you with regular performances from the best acts bands and DJ’s as well as some of our favourite international performers.

On the night, the audience is every bit as important as the performers. We encourage those attending to dress up for the evening in their best vintage and burlesque attire.

The Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club is a burlesque and cabaret show in the home of Irish burlesque, the Sugar Club in Dublin.

Live music, great singers, amazing acts and DJ ‘s till late.